About the Tawfiq Foundation
About the Tawfiq Foundation

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Tawfiq Foundation, the mission and implementation

We ask Allah the All-Hearing, All-Seeing and All-Knowing to remove any obstacles and facilitate us in achieving these goals, for He is the Almighty and the only one capable of doing so. Ameen Ameen Ameen!

The Tawfiq Foundation is a young, dynamic and enterprising organization founded by enthusiastic Muslims who, with the will of Allah the Most High, want to achieve and mean something for the new generation of the Muslim community in the Netherlands.

The Tawfiq Foundation strives to strengthen the identity of Muslims in the Netherlands and pass it on to the next generation of Dutch Muslims regardless of their nationality or origin. The Tawfiq Foundation is convinced that you can actively participate in Dutch society on an equal basis while retaining your Islamic identity.

Muslim Parents and Educators
Dutch Muslim parents and educators have an enormous need for a clear Islamic identity that they would like to pass on to their children. After all, every child has the right to Islamic education in his or her childhood. It is Allah Most High who has given them that right.

An Islamic social responsibility is part of our mission as we are part of society.

Islamic Knowledge
The knowledge about Islam that we want to pass on to our new generation of Dutch Muslim children is monotheism, 5 pillars of Islam, 6 pillars of Imaan, learning to read the Quran, and everything that comes with Islamic norms and values.

Our objectives for Dutch Muslims are based on Islamic fundamental principles.

First of all, we aim to gain only the pleasure and rewards of Allah the Most High through our actions. Subsequently, the educational and educational activities of the Tawfiq Foundation aim to enable Dutch Muslim children to acquire the necessary and compulsory knowledge. It is knowledge that teaches them who created everything, why everything was created and of course what the ultimate destination of this entire creation is. At the Tawfiq Foundation, implementation is a mix of Islamic principles and social responsibility.

Other goals
In addition to the above goals, the Tawfiq Foundation also wants to realize the following goals:

  • Offering parenting and educational courses to Muslim parents and educators
  • Information lessons, pedagogical guidance and activities.
  • Islamic study trips for young and old.

Satisfaction and reward
We only want to obtain Allah's pleasure and rewards by knowing and worshiping Him. We only come to know and worship Allah by studying the Quran and the Sunnah. From the Quran and the Sunnah we learn why we were created. Love, hope and fear of Allah is central together with the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) because he was sent to show us and the jinns the way to succeed in this life and the hereafter. We want to live on the basis of the Quran and the Sunnah, free from all inner and outer forms of polytheism.

Sharing Islamic knowledge
We want to share the knowledge about Allah the Most High, His Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the purpose of our existence with each other. With great pride and confidence we speak about Allah the Most High and His beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and what this means for us. Our focus on Allah's satisfaction and rewards alone is guaranteed to change our lives. This will have to be visible through the knowledge of being a practical Muslim, all year round.

Pass it on to Dutch Muslims
With great pride and confidence we tell Dutch Muslim children, parents and educators about Allah, his prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) and the purpose of our existence. We are a warm, hospitable, open, accessible and structured Islamic educational institution for the whole family: everyone is welcome to follow educational Islamic lessons.

Our vision on Islamic lessons for children

Taking Islamic lessons for children is not something your child does alone, nor does your child do it just for himself. We all seek first and foremost the pleasure of Allah the Most High and seek His reward alone. That is the core of our vision on Islamic education. The Tawfiq Foundation is a place with 21st century learning methods and resources where your child grows together with other Muslim children and develops themselves in a positive way. We believe and do this partly to serve the Muslim community and Dutch society.

Islamic Education
Before we explain how and by what means we want to realize online Islamic lessons, it is important that we first consider why Islamic education is important and what it is. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also explained why before things had to be done or distanced from them and this is the way in which Allah the Most High addresses people in the Quran.

Education and upbringing
The last prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was sent to all mankind to teach and educate them like all previous prophets. The only difference is that previous prophets were sent to specific peoples such as Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus (peace be upon them all). Every prophet first used the power of conviction and logical thinking.

Knowledge and Understanding
The religion of Allah the Most High revealed through the angel Gabriel (Gabriel) is one of knowledge and understanding. Therefore, every question that man has is answered with a logical and natural explanation. The logical and natural answers is what made Islam appeal in the 23 years of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Wisdom and Approach
When Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) conveyed his knowledge, he always started from the principle of Rahmah, which means mercy. No person, religious or non-religious, adult or child, likes to be spoken to sternly and harshly. If that were the case, it would be logical that every person would get the feeling that he or she is no good. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) always praised the good and gave the person extra attention and corrected mistakes and ignorance in a gentle manner.

An important principle for inviting to Islam is stated in the Quran: “There is no compulsion in religion.” (2:256)

Islamic lessons for children
The children aged 6-7 to 15 years will be taught online in class and independently about Islam and their identity as Muslims under professional guidance. The main aim of all lessons is to achieve the satisfaction of Allah the Exalted, then to impart basic knowledge of Islam and akhlaq to worship their Creator correctly, to educate our children and the next generation. Islamic norms and values are also central and involved in their faith as a Muslim in the Netherlands.

Children's lesson schedules
We always have 2 children's groups that take lessons on 2 different days. A student takes classes on Wednesday and Saturday or Thursday and Sunday. This is for 2x 90 minutes. A 90-minute lesson is divided into 3x 25 minutes with a 5-minute short break. This is also called the pomodoro technique.

Islam, Quran and Arabic lessons

Students and parents at our online Islamic education are unanimously enthusiastic about their experiences and demo lessons with Tawfiq.nl and Zoom. Some reactions from parents who have had their children take demo lessons:

 “Very nice way of conveying Islamic knowledge to children and parents.”  

“My family situation and planning fit perfectly with your organization! Finally Islamic lessons for our children!”  

“A soothing feeling that you do not belong to an institution or mosque. This way the focus is purely on the Islamic lessons.”  

“It's about time that Islamic lessons for children and parents can be followed at home. It feels a lot safer at home.”  

“Saves a lot of travel time, gas money and organization to an Islamic educational institution or mosque! Great solution for our children!”  

“I have been saying this for years that it should be possible for children to take lessons from home. I am happy that as an organization you are moving with the times.”

We are not a commercial institution but are a self-organization that does not use or request government subsidies. We are a foundation that, when necessary, raises collections and asks for financial support and donations from its community. Our foundation will also organize benefits when the need is dire or progressive to safeguard the Islamic identity of Dutch Muslims. Our foundation also works as much as possible with its own working capacity, are free, independent and unbound and rely only on Allah as the Only Provider.

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