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We ask Allah the All-Hearing, All-Seeing and All-Knowing to remove any obstacles and facilitate us in achieving these goals, for He is the Almighty and the only one capable of doing so. Ameen Ameen Ameen!

We focus on children's education up to and including adolescent education (6-7 to 15 years). Registration is possible with us from the age of 7.
We also provide lessons in learning to read the Quran (Hafs incl. tajweed) and Arabic for beginners from the age of 18.

That is difficult to answer. In principle you can register your children as long as there are places available. The difficulty here is that we cannot indicate in advance when a class is full. The general rule and experience is that people who wait too long to register usually suddenly discover that they can no longer be placed because a class is full sooner than expected. So don't wait too long if you know that you want your child(ren) to take Islamic lessons.

No, unfortunately this is not possible in general. Every child is tested before the official registration and it is then possible that a child can enroll in the meantime. Our start dates are always in September, or at the beginning of a new school season, and if an influx has to take place, it is always the following January.

Yes, you will receive this if you have 2, 3 or more children. At the moment the discounts are calculated for up to 3 children. These discounts only apply to 1 family. If there are multiple children from multiple families, this discount does not apply. The amount of the discount is fixed, is indicated in the study and is not negotiable.

Registration with us is not without obligation. If you register a child, we assume that the child will actually attend the lessons. We do not reserve places for children without knowing whether they will attend classes. We must process your registration administratively upon arrival and with this registration you enter into an agreement with us and agree to our General Terms and Conditions.

If you are not yet sure whether you want your child to take lessons. Better wait until you are sure. You can then contact us later to see if there is still room.

That is not possible for our programs. Registrations with us are only possible for the complete program.

Does it make sense to register if not all classes can be attended?

Acquiring knowledge is an obligation for every Muslim and every Muslim should do his best to do so. It may happen that one cannot be present and that is not a problem at all. But we naturally encourage every parent and student to gain as much knowledge as possible and thereby seek the pleasure of Allah the Exalted.

Unfortunately, that is not possible, but there are exceptions. Please contact us for this. It is best to contact our secretariat for this.

Trial lessons cannot be taken, but you can use our 30-day money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied.

All the amounts mentioned are all-inclusive with us, so there are no additional costs. The further processing of the payment is handled by our Payment Service Provider.

When you register for yourself or your children, we assume that you actually intend to follow the lesson program. Certainty is important for completing our classes and with your payment you guarantee us and indicate that you are a serious participant.

With us, the teaching programs for the children are based on a monthly payment. It is not possible to pay in installments for learning to read the Quran and the recitation programs. This is possible again for Arabic lessons.

All our lessons are provided in Dutch. When Arabic terms are used, they are explained by the teacher with an interpretation in Dutch.

Students (7-15 years) for Islam lessons attend lessons twice a week. Once during the weekend and once during the week.
Students (18+ years) for the Koran lessons attend lessons once a week. For Arabic lessons students, this is twice a week.

In addition to the lessons taken, there is certainly homework for both children and adults. We have taken the hustle and bustle of a family into account. The homework that a student or student receives can be well planned around family, leisure activities, hobbies and family visits.

Alhamdoulillah, our classes are after school and working hours and/or on weekends. It is therefore ideal to take lessons with us. It is best to consider for yourself whether it fits into your schedule. In addition, the lessons are provided online and do not have to take into account travel time, traffic jams and other time-consuming obstacles.

We do not have real exams, but the children are tested in an accessible way. We do not issue a certificate for the lessons given.

In terms of its foundation, the Tawfiq Foundation is a Sunni institution. However, we take an academic approach to all our lesson developments and this is also reflected in our teaching. We first carefully check the source works used for Islamic reliability and stick to the current interpretations. All our classes are also supervised by scholars in their field and we do not associate ourselves with any specific movement or ideology within Islam. An important mention is that we avoid all forms of folk belief, cultural belief or religious innovation. In matters of later theological discussions or fiqh (jurisprudence) we adopt a neutral attitude. We pay equal respect to all the schools of law (madhaahib), without placing or questioning any one over another. Our goal is not to push a certain opinion, partly because we have students from different cultures and backgrounds. We strive to convey Islamic knowledge in the correct manner, to practice and shape this knowledge in an educational manner as the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) did. To be clear, our goal is to explain Islam and not impose it.

Tawfiq.nl works with qualified teachers. Our teachers and trainers have an academic background (domestic and international) and experience in teaching and training. The teachers all mastered the Dutch language, spoken and written and are professionally qualified for the area in which they are deployed. We can therefore guarantee you quality and expertise.

Yes, that's possible. The teachers of the Tawfiq Foundation are often approached by institutions, organizations and individuals for advice, training or to participate in projects or meetings in the field of Islam, Muslims and social issues.

Cancellation is possible in extreme cases and with Islamic excuses. Discuss this with the administration of the Tawfiq Foundation.

This is only if this is indicated for a specific program.

Our program amounts are fixed, all-inclusive and are clearly indicated in advance.

The Tawfiq Foundation is not liable for the participant canceling a program prematurely. Refunds, either full or partial, are not possible as someone registers for a complete program.

That's certainly possible. During the lessons, the teacher indicates that it is time for prayer. Praying is possible during the break. When a prayer time falls such that the prayer period is in danger of passing, the moment of the break will be adjusted.

We are absolutely not a commercial institution, but we do work cost-effectively and progressively. Our intention is not to ask for money to teach you or your child about Islam, the Koran or the Arabic language. We ask for reimbursements to cover all the costs associated with running the institute and providing the programs. The income is only used to seek the satisfaction of Allah and then to realize the objectives and activities of the organization.

It is important for you to know that we are a self-owned organization that does not receive nor request subsidies or funds from third parties. We do not hold collections, do not ask for financial support or donations from people and we do not organize benefits to raise money for ourselves. We prefer to work on our own strength, like to be independent and trust in Allah the Provider.

The Tawfiq Foundation retains the copyright on its own teaching materials, in text and design. The teaching material may not be reproduced and/or made public by means of printing, photocopying, posting on the internet or in any other way without prior written permission from the Tawfiq Foundation. Legal action may be taken if misuse or improper use of our teaching materials is discovered. We ask you to fear Allah the Exalted in this.

We are a humble institution and would be honored if anyone would like to use their time and skills to seek the pleasure of Allah the Exalted and then to help realize and improve the goals of the Tawfiq Foundation. Do not hesitate to contact us. We would like to invite you for a closer introduction.

Islam, Quran and Arabic lessons

Students and parents at our online Islamic education are unanimously enthusiastic about their experiences and demo lessons with Tawfiq.nl and Zoom. Some reactions from parents who have had their children take demo lessons:

 “Very nice way of conveying Islamic knowledge to children and parents.”  

“My family situation and planning fit perfectly with your organization! Finally Islamic lessons for our children!”  

“A soothing feeling that you do not belong to an institution or mosque. This way the focus is purely on the Islamic lessons.”  

“It's about time that Islamic lessons for children and parents can be followed at home. It feels a lot safer at home.”  

“Saves a lot of travel time, gas money and organization to an Islamic educational institution or mosque! Great solution for our children!”  

“I have been saying this for years that it should be possible for children to take lessons from home. I am happy that as an organization you are moving with the times.”

We are not a commercial institution but are a self-organization that does not use or request government subsidies. We are a foundation that, when necessary, raises collections and asks for financial support and donations from its community. Our foundation will also organize benefits when the need is dire or progressive to safeguard the Islamic identity of Dutch Muslims. Our foundation also works as much as possible with its own working capacity, are free, independent and unbound and rely only on Allah as the Only Provider.

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