99 Beautiful Names of Allah
99 Beautiful Names of Allah

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99 names of Allah swt

We ask Allah the All-Hearing, All-Seeing and All-Knowing to remove any obstacles and facilitate us in achieving these goals, for He is the Almighty and the only one capable of doing so. Ameen Ameen Ameen!

99 attributes of Allah swt

99 Names of Allah

The name Allah is God's own name and includes all His Attributes.
The 99 beautiful names of Allah are attributes and teach us to know His Attributes better.
They also help us in making Supplications.

And to Allah belong the Beautiful names, call upon Him therewith and forsake those who misuse His names; they will be repaid for what they do.
[Surat al-A'raf: 180]

Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon Him) said: “Allah has 99 Names, one hundred minus one. Anyone who learns them will enter Paradise.” [Learning means knowing the Names with the heart (believing in them) and acting on them.]

A supplication made in the name of Allah must be made consciously and intensely. One must know by what name he calls Allah and what its meaning is. The servant should show awe, reverence and respect, for Allah sees and hears everything.

Learning the 99 Beautiful Names of Allah is a form of worship. Some traditions of our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) teach us the following:

Allah gives knowledge of the Faith to whom He wishes good. [Saheeh Al Bukhari & Saheeh Muslim] Allah gives wealth to those He loves and does not love, but right faith He gives only to those He loves. [Ibn Maajah]

However, we do not know the repetition of a name of Allah for a specific purpose in Islam.

99 attributes of Allah swt

1. الله Allah (Allah – The One Who Deserves to be Worshiped)

2. الأحَد al-Ah'ad (the Only, the Unique)

3. الأعْلَى al-A'laa (the Most High)

4. الأكْرَم al-Akram (the Most Generous)

5. الإله al-Ilaah (the God, the One Who alone deserves to be worshipped)

6. الأوَّل al-Awwal (the first)

7. الآخِر al-Aakhir (the last)

8. الظاهِر adhz-Dhzaahir (the highest)

9. البَاطِن al-Baatin (the Nearest)

10. البارِئ al-Baaree-e (the Creator)

11. البَرّ al-Barr (the Caring One, the Source of all Goodness)

12. البَصِير al-Basirish (the All-Seeing)

13. التَّوَّاب at-Tawwaab (the Acceptor of Repentance, the One Who guides His servants to repentance and accepts their repentance)

14. الجَبَّار al-Jabbaar (the Subject)

15. الحافِظ al-H'aafidhz (the Watcher, the Protector)

16. الحَسِيب al-Haasib (the Sufficient and Assessor)

17. الحَفِيظ al-H'afeedhz (the Watcher)

18. الحَفِيُّ al-H'afiyy (the Kind-hearted, the Meek)

19. الحقّ al-H'aqq (the one)

20. المُبِين al-Mubien (the Clarifier)

21. الحَكِيم al-Hakim (the All-Wise) or al-H'aakim (the All-Wise)

22. الحَلِيم al-H'alim (the Most Tolerant)

23. الحَمِيد al-H'amid (the Praiseworthy)

24. الحَيّ al-H'ayy (the Eternally Living)

25. القَيُّوم al-Qayyum (the Self-Subsisting, the Sustainer)

26. الخَبِير al-Khabeer (the Omniscient of subtle matters)

27. الخَالِق al-Khaaliq (the creator)

28. الخَلاّق al-Khallaaq (the Creator Who continually creates)

29. الرَّؤُوف ar-Ra-oof (the Most Kind and Merciful)

30. الرَّحْمَان ar-Rahmaan (the Most Merciful)

31. الرَّحِيم ar-Raheem (the Most Merciful)

32. الرَّزَّاق ar-Razzaaq (the constant Bestower of manifold provisions)

33. الرَّقِيب ar-Raqeeb (the Supervisor)

34. السّلام as-Salaam (The One Who is free from any defect, the Source of Peace and Perfection)

35. السَّمِيع as-Samie' (the All-Hearing)

36. الشَاكِر ash-Shaakir (The One Who Shows Appreciation the Most)

37. لشَّكُور ash-Shakoor (The One Who is Most Willing to Appreciate)

38. الشَّهِيد ash-Shaheed (the witness)

39. الصَّمَد asSamad (the Perfect, the Independent Lord, the One on Whom all created things depend)

40. العَالِم al-'Aalim (the Knower of the imperceptible and the observable)

41. العَزِيز al-'Azeez (the Almighty, the One Whose Power is exalted)

42. العَظِيم al-'Adhzeem (the Possessor of Greatness)

43. العَفُوّ al-'Afoww (the Giver of Forgiveness, the One who forgives again and again)

44. العَلِيم al-'Aleem (the Omniscient)

45. العَلِيّ al-'Aliyy (the Most High)

46. الغَفَّار al-Ghaffaar (the Most Forgiving)

47. الغَفُور al-Ghafur (the Most Forgiving)

48. الغَنِيّ al-Ghaniyy (the Self-sufficient, the Independent, the Needless)

49. الفَتَّاح al-Fattaah' (the Judge and the Supreme Opener Who distinguishes truth from falsehood)

50. القَادِر al-Qaadir (the Mighty)

51. القَاهِر al-Qaahir (the Subject)

52. القُدُّوس al-Quddus (the Most Holy, the Pure and Perfect)

53. القَدِير al-Qadeer (The Almighty)

54. القَرِيب al-Qarib (the Near, the One Who is close to His servants)

55. القَوِيّ al-Qawiyy (the Strong, with Perfect Power)

56. القَهَّار al-Qahhaar (the Subduer and the Most Powerful)

57. الكَبِير al-Kabeer (the Possessor of Greatness, the Incomparably Great)

58. الكَرِيم al-Kariem (the Generous)

59. اللَّطِيف al-Latief (the Most Subtle in Knowledge and the Caring)

60. المُؤمِن al-Mu'emin (the Giver of security, the True and Trustworthy)

61. المُتَعَالِي al-Muta'aalie (the Most High)

62. المُتَكَبِّر al-Mutakabbir (the Majestic)

63. المَتِين al-Matien (the strong one)

64. المُجِيب al-Mujieb (the Hearing, the Heeding)

65. المَجِيد al-Majied (the Glorious)

66. المُحِيط al-Muheet (the All Surrounding)

67. المُصَوِّر al-Moesawwir (the Designer)

68. المُقْتَدِر al-Muqtadir (The Almighty)

69. المُقِيت al-Muqiet (the Almighty Witness and Provider)

70. المَلِك al-Malik (the king)

71. المَلِيك al-Malik (the Almighty King)

72. المَولَى al-Mawlaa (the Lord, Helper and Protector)

73. المُهَيْمِن al-Muhaymin (the Witness about His creation)

74. النَّصِير an-Nasirish (the Helper)

75. الوَاحِد al-Wah'id (the Unique, the One)

76. الوَارِث al-Waarith (the Heir)

77. الوَاسِع al-Waasi' (the All-Encompassing)

78. الوَدُود al-Wadoed (the Loving)

79. الوَكِيل al-Wakiel (the Confidant, the Top Ranker)

80. الوَلِيّ al-Waliyy (the Protector, the Helper)

81. الوَهَّاب al-Wahhaab (the frequent Donor)


From the Sunnah from the Messenger of Allah (sAl-Allaahu 'alayhi wa sallam):

82. الرَّبّ ar-Rabb (the Lord and Educator)

83. الجَمِيل al-Jameel (the beautiful)

84. الجَوَاد al-Jawad (de Gulle)

85. الحَكَم al-H'akam (the Judge)

86. الحَيِّي al-H'ayyee (The One Who is Modest)

87. الرَّفِيق ar-Rafieq (the Friendly)

88. السُّبُّوح as-Subboeh' (the perfect)

89. السَّيِّد as-Sayyid (the Lord and Master)

90. الشَّافِي ash-Shaafie (The One Who Heals)

91. الطَّيِّب atTayyib (the Good, the Pure)

92. القابِض al-Qaabid (the Depriver, the Limiter)

93. البَاسِط al-Baasit (the Generous, the Giver of abundant provision)

94. المُقَدِّم al-Muqaddim (The One Who Promotes)

95. المُؤَخِّر al-Mu-akhkhir (The One Who Procrastinates)

96. المُحْسِن al-Muh'sin (the Benevolent)

97. المُعْطِي al-Moe'ti.e (the Donor)

98. المَنَّان al-Mannaan (the Benefactor, the Charitable Donor of gifts)

99. الوِتْر al-Witr (the Only One, the One Who has no partner nor anyone like Him)

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